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Upcoming Event!

Moriarty Media, Troll Law and The Fine Arts Committee of The Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis present


A two-hour introduction to US copyright law from which participants will leave with an understanding of how copyright law affects artists, the nuts and bolts of how to register a claim of copyright, and some philosophical food for thought.


  • How can I protect MY art?
  • How much of YOUR art can I borrow?
  • Should I protect MY art or should I encourage YOU to steal it?
  • Is everyone - yes EVERYONE - an appropriation artist?

DATE: Friday, June 13, 2014 from 7– 9 p.m.

LOCATION: The Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis 615 West 43rd St, Indianapolis, IN 46208


The Internet has changed everything. That is the truth we must all accept

Undoubtedly the Internet has changed your business. I can assure you that the Internet is radically changing how lawyers practice law  and  charge clients for their services.

Some lawyers feel threatened by this change. They fight to preserve the status quo: open ended hourly billing rates and fees disconnected from results. However, other lawyers welcome and embrace the changes that the Internet has brought to the legal profession. Some call us Third Wave  lawyers. Others call us mavericks. The American Bar Association calls us legal rebels.

What does it mean for you or your business when you work with a Third Wave lawyer?

We work together as partners.  I give you a fixed cost estimate whenever possible. And,  I stand behind that estimate.

It means that we collaborate to solve problems.

It means that I will work very hard as your advocate. But with dignity and respect for an opposing point of view.

What are my specialties? Transactional business law, and associated legal specialties such as copyright law, trademark law, licensing, and litigation. As a Third Wave  lawyer I can also assist you with software, e-commerce and Internet law.

Business Counsel

Every business transaction involves risk. Hopefully, every such transaction also includes opportunities. Working together, we can develop a strategy to manage the risks and maximize the opportunities.

Copyright & Trademark

Every business needs to think about its intangible assets. A unique product package or a well designed website can translate to a real competitive advantage. A powerful brand sends a clear message in the all too crowded digital marketplace.

Licensing & Technology

License agreements are an indispensable part of business. The commercial success of a consumer focused franchise or a highly sophisticated piece of software may very well hinge on a well-prepared license agreement.


Litigation is pathology. To be avoided if at all possible. All too often emotion overwhelms good judgment before during and after a lawsuit is filed.  Unless the survival of the business is involved or a compelling strategic interest is at stake an alternative almost always makes more sense.

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